Healthy dessert ideas

healthy dessert

If you are interested in cutting back your sugar intake but still get occasional sugar cravings, here are some healthy, natural, dessert alternative options.

Simple fruit bowl

Having fruit around the house will make it easier to grab a healthy sugar when sugar cravings are strong. Or for an on-the-go option, pre-peel some Citrus fruits like mandarin oranges or tangerines and put them in small baggies to take with you.

After-dinner delight

Try this delicious Probiotic yogurt parfait. Not only will this dessert satisfy your sugar craving, you will also be getting over 40 billion probiotic CFU’s per serving!

Dried fruit

Trust me on this one. If your family craves sugary fruit snacks, try no-sugar-added dried pineapple or mango slices. These are a game changer!

Fruit-infused water

Making homemade fruit infused water  is a great alternative to drinking sweetened drinks. Try any one of our delicious recipes or create your own! You can make fruit-infused water the night before and even add flavored stevia drops for an extra boost of flavor.