5 reasons to take supplements

The most commonly asked nutrition question is “Do I really need a use a supplement?”  The answer is conclusively “YES”. Nutritional supplementation can improve your health as well as your nutritional status. The five primary reasons to supplement are: To correct nutrient deficiencies and /or make up for poor dietary choices. To replenish what is Read More


Should I take digestive enzymes?

The enzymes naturally present in food play an important role in digestion by helping to predigest the ingested food in the upper stomach before hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) has even been secreted. This predigestion is hindered when food is cooked or processed because the enzymes are destroyed by the processing procedures. This places the full Read More


Belly-Ease™: our newest digestive enzyme with probiotics

We are pleased to present Belly-Ease™ (formerly Ultra-Enzyme Support® Plus™), the NWC Naturals® digestive enzyme probiotic chewable tablet. What Changed? We added 4 more digestive enzymes and 10 more probiotic species to make the product a more complete digestive aid that is perfect for adults and children. Enzymes for Gluten Sensitivities Belly-Ease™ contains 2 new Read More


Summer Smoothie Recipes

Need a boost in the morning to start your day? Or maybe a low calorie dessert after dinner to keep your diet on track? Whatever your need, we’re here to help! The Ultra Nutrition Shake™ is a low-calorie nutrition formula that provides everything you need to keep your diet on track this Summer. (Read more about Read More


Should I Choose Animal or Vegetarian Enzymes?

There are countless digestive enzyme products on the market today. Does it matter which ones you choose? Are all digestive enzymes the same? Following we will give a brief overview of the two most popular types of digestive enzymes available: Animal and Vegetarian. Secondly, we will discuss the impact that each of these products has on the digestive tract and Read More