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Why all keto-dieters need digestive enzymes

In our last article we considered the ketogenic diet as a whole- what it is, what to eat on the diet, and potential benefits and risks. (Click to read: What you should know about the ketogenic diet.) While you may still want to consider whether or not to try this diet for yourself, there is Read More


Is eating raw food really better for you?

Raw fruits and vegetables (usually referred to as “live” foods) provide biologically-active components called enzymes, which play an active role in all metabolic activities in the body. Without enzymes, the body cannot utilize protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins in food into the bone, hair, skin, muscles, glands and hormones. Why raw food is better The Read More


How digestive enzymes work

Supplemental enzymes replace the enzymes once present in raw food. The truth is, even if you are eating all natural healthy foods, most enzymes are lost in cooking and processing. Only raw or uncooked foods contain enzymes. Nature put these enzymes in food to aid in digesting the food you eat so your body’s enzymes would Read More


Should I take digestive enzymes?

The enzymes naturally present in food play an important role in digestion by helping to predigest the ingested food in the upper stomach before hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) has even been secreted. This predigestion is hindered when food is cooked or processed because the enzymes are destroyed by the processing procedures. This places the full Read More

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NWC Naturals® Goes Green

Combining a Photovoltaic Solar installation with Two Plug-in Electric Vehicles, NWC Naturals® is striving to be a green company!   The owners of NWC Naturals® have installed a 48 Panel Solar system to the roof of their home. This system powers the whole house and also charges both plug-in cars. They have installed  LED lights Read More