Treating illness with probiotics

Trillions of microorganisms live in your intestinal tract, or “gut,” as it is commonly referred to and how we refer to it. These beneficial flora are absolutely essential for health and well-being: if you are healthy, chances are your beneficial microorganisms are thriving as well. However, making sure that these friendly flora remain viable and Read More


The good & bad bacteria in you

There’s a struggle going on in your body right now, and the participants are tireless, vigorous, and resourceful. It is a classic confrontation between two forces—good and bad—and in this case it’s between “good” or beneficial, friendly bacteria and “bad” or harmful, unfriendly bacteria. This struggle is based in your gastrointestinal tract, which covers a Read More


Microwarriors DVD available now!

Leonard Nimoy and NWC Naturals® Inc. combine forces to help educate the public about the benefits of Probiotics for the whole family- including our pets! MicroWarriors Special Edition DVD is narrated by Leonard Nimoy and includes a special Bonus Feature: “Probiotics and Your Pet’s Health” which features appearances by our very own probiotic specialist, John Read More


Belly-Ease™: our newest digestive enzyme with probiotics

We are pleased to present Belly-Ease™ (formerly Ultra-Enzyme Support® Plus™), the NWC Naturals® digestive enzyme probiotic chewable tablet. What Changed? We added 4 more digestive enzymes and 10 more probiotic species to make the product a more complete digestive aid that is perfect for adults and children. Enzymes for Gluten Sensitivities Belly-Ease™ contains 2 new Read More