Signs your pet needs probiotics and enzymes: Part 2

My pet has been on medication When a pet has to be on any medication it will ALWAYS effect the good gut bacteria in the intestines in a bad way. We know that it is very important to follow your vet’s advice when medication is needed. Pets with compromised immune systems and those on any Read More


Microwarriors DVD available now!

Leonard Nimoy and NWC Naturals® Inc. combine forces to help educate the public about the benefits of Probiotics for the whole family- including our pets! MicroWarriors Special Edition DVD is narrated by Leonard Nimoy and includes a special Bonus Feature: “Probiotics and Your Pet’s Health” which features appearances by our very own probiotic specialist, John Read More

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“My Dog Rocky Thanks You!”

We love hearing about how our products are changing your pet’s life! Following is an excerpt from a note that was recently mailed in…and we just had to share! “Thanks to your products my dog is living a happy healthy life. He was ready for death due to his pancreas not working right. Now he’s Read More

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Why Is My Dog Eating That?!

Have you ever found yourself asking this question? Some dogs will eat anything including grass, dirt, their own stools, and other dogs’ stools. But why do they do this? Malnutrition Research shows that malnutrition plays a large part. Pets will instinctively eat until their body gets the nourishment it is craving. So if they are Read More


Dexter’s Success Story on Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®

We have been getting so many Success Stories in from customers whose pet’s are using Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®! Here’s one of our favorites that was sent in: “I wanted to share with you my success story with your product and my 3 year old Boxer “Dexter”. “Since he was 11 months old, his skin allergies Read More