Treating illness with probiotics

Trillions of microorganisms live in your intestinal tract, or “gut,” as it is commonly referred to and how we refer to it. These beneficial flora are absolutely essential for health and well-being: if you are healthy, chances are your beneficial microorganisms are thriving as well. However, making sure that these friendly flora remain viable and balanced can be a challenge for reasons we discuss below.

Probiotics (meaning “for [pro] life” [biotics]) can help you face that challenge. Probiotics are friendly, beneficial microorganisms—mainly bacteria—that work with the body and help maintain the delicate balance between the beneficial flora and bad bacteria that is necessary for health and well-being. When the balance tips too far in the direction of the bad bacteria, which happens frequently, a wide spectrum of symptoms and diseases can result – everything from recurring bouts of diarrhea to urinary tract infections to fatigue and muscle pain.

To prevent illness as well as treat conditions associated with an imbalance between these types of bacteria, more and more health professionals and consumers are turning to probiotics, which can be found both in supplements and in a variety of foods.

-Excerpt from the book The Wonder of Probiotics by John Taylor, NWC Naturals® CEO

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