How Pro-Biotics Plus® can help you detox

Probiotics are one of the most effective tools to help you begin a safe detox program. In addition to eating probiotic-rich foods and healthy desserts like this probiotic yogurt parfait, it is also essential to supplement with a multi-strain probiotic formula like Pro-Biotics Plus® stick packs or Pro-Biotics Plus® capsules.

What makes NWC Naturals® probiotics different

Pro-Biotics Plus® not only enhances gut health but it helps to remove toxins from the intestines and repair inflamed intestinal walls. The result is a healthy digestive tract that is able to more effectively absorb nutrients from your food. With an abundance of good bacteria your body will be ready and able to detox bad bacteria and candida that can cause a multitude of health issues.

How to get started

  1. Decide which probiotic supplement is best for you
  2. Learn how to use Transfer-Tox™ to support your liver and kidneys and remove heavy metals
  3. Follow these simple steps to start a detox

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