Why all keto-dieters need digestive enzymes

ultra-enzyme support

In our last article we considered the ketogenic diet as a whole- what it is, what to eat on the diet, and potential benefits and risks. (Click to read: What you should know about the ketogenic diet.) While you may still want to consider whether or not to try this diet for yourself, there is another factor to take into consideration: enzyme supplementation.

How enzyme supplementation plays a key role

The keto diet consists of an all cooked diet high in fats. When excessive amounts of fat are ingested your body is put under unusually high amounts of stress which can lead to inefficient fat absorption, occasional diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and constipation.

Supplementing with a complete digestive enzyme will ensure your body has the support it needs to digest food and absorb the nutrients you need to nourish your body. When you digest food properly you will see better results with any nutritional program.

Ultra-Enzyme Support®

Ultra-Enzyme Support® contains 19 broad spectrum digestive enzymes for complete digestive support. Click here to review the supplement facts and ingredients list.

  • improve digestion
  • with 19 vegetarian digestive enzymes
  • digest fats, proteins, dairy and more
  • support bowel movements
  • reduce indigestion
  • sooth heartburn
  • immune system support
  • relieve gas and bloating
  • diminish food allergies

Remember: Always choose vegetarian enzymes over animal based enzymes. Click here to read why.

Ultra-Enzyme Support® comes in a 90 count or a 200 count bottle. Click here to shop now.