Do pets need a daily multi-vitamin?

Have you ever wondered why NWC Naturals® does not offer a multi-vitamin supplement for pets? While many other pet supplement brands offer multi-vitamins for pets, we believe there are more effective ways for your pet to achieve optimal health. Today on the blog we answer the question: do pets need a daily multi-vitamin? Are daily Read More


Why doesn’t Total-Zymes® contain pepsin?

Pepsin is an enzyme that digests proteins (aka “proteolytic” enzyme) and is found in many popular digestive enzyme supplements for pets. Here at NWC Naturals, we do NOT add pepsin to our enzyme supplements for pets. This has led to some customers reaching out to ask, “why doesn’t Total-Zymes® contain pepsin?” Why doesn’t Total-Zymes® contain Read More


First dietary fiber verified “natural”

There is a new standard for food ingredients that can be called “natural.” Chicory root fiber (pre-biotic) is the first dietary fiber to achieve this verification. We only use chicory root as a pre-biotic in our products. Some NWC Naturals® products that contain chicory root as a pre-biotic: Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® Total-Zymes® for pets contains Read More

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Why Is My Dog Eating That?!

Have you ever found yourself asking this question? Some dogs will eat anything including grass, dirt, their own stools, and other dogs’ stools. But why do they do this? Malnutrition Research shows that malnutrition plays a large part. Pets will instinctively eat until their body gets the nourishment it is craving. So if they are Read More


Our Newest Pet Success Story!

We love hearing about how our products are changing the lives of your pets. Following we have posted a letter sent to us last week from a very happy customer! “Dr. Taylor: I am writing you today to give you a brief update on our German Shepherd, Zeke. He has been on the Total-Biotics® and Read More