Our Newest Pet Success Story!

We love hearing about how our products are changing the lives of your pets. Following we have posted a letter sent to us last week from a very happy customer!

“Dr. Taylor:

I am writing you today to give you a brief update on our German Shepherd, Zeke.

He has been on the Total-Biotics® and Total-Zymes® since mid-January.  He has been on the Pet-Enzymes Plus™ Joint Relief since 3/23.

He still has 1-1/2 weeks of ciprofloxacin to take and, infact, the vet decided last night that he wants me to increase the dose to 1000 mg of the antibiotic for the duration of this time. So, starting today, we are increasing the dose from 500 mg daily to 1000.

probiotics for dogs and catsSince I received the Pet-Enzymes Plus™ joint formula, I have been doing what you suggested.  In the morning on an empty stomach, I start him with 4 tablets and give him some Oxy-pH Boost™ at this time.

After about 2 hours, I then feed him and add the Total-Biotics® and Total-Zymes®, 2 scoops each per cup.  I am trying to be generous with the distribution.  I then feed him again in the evening, being generous with the Total-Biotics® and Total-Zymes® .

I give him 2 more Pet-Enzymes Plus™ tablets about two hours after the evening feed.

I think we are on a good track here as last night, Zeke, has gained 5 pounds and his hair is looking SO much better.  Also, his stools are much, much better as well.  I do believe they are better with the Pet-Enzymes Plus™ formula.  His general well-being seems to have improved so, just in this short-time since the 23rd of March.  Even while being on these horrible antibiotics.

The vet’s office was in disbelief at the weight he had gained and kept weighing him, thinking it was a mistake.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the progress he is making and he looks so much better; I really think that the Pet-Enzymes Plus™ formula must be helping those allergies by the looks of his coat.

Thank you for your products!”

Thank you for continuing to send your pet success stories in! If you have a new story, please send it to us here.