Which probiotic supplement should I take?

At NWC Naturals® we have three different probiotic formulas to choose from that we can stand behind 100%. Our probiotic formulas are vegetarian, gluten free, non gmo, and contain no wheat, corn, soy, dairy, chemicals, or fillers. Bonus: All of our products are bottled here in the USA. And if you haven’t read it already, here is […]


How to handle and store Pro-Biotics Plus®

All probiotics will benefit from proper storage to ensure a long shelf life with full potency. Nothing in Pro-Biotics Plus® actually goes stale or bad with time. The probiotic potency will decrease depending on how the product is stored. When Pro-Biotics Plus® is stored at room temperature: We guarantee full potency through the date printed on […]


Can You Answer the Question What Are Probiotics?

Maintain the proper balance of probiotics. By now you have probably been inundated with advertising the benefits of taking daily probiotic supplements. Despite all of these commercials do you really think that you can answer the question “What are probiotics?” Many people are under the impression that they are some kind of miracle cure that […]