Why every woman needs probiotics

Probiotics are essential for a woman’s health. Most women are aware of the digestive and immune boosting benefits of probiotics. (To brush up on your probiotic knowledge, read our article, Everything you need to know about probiotics.) But unbeknownst to many, probiotics are also extremely important for a woman’s reproductive and vaginal health. These “good” Read More

probiotics and weight gain

How Digestion Affects Your Weight

When the topic of weight loss is raised, most people think of counting calories, calculating carbohydrates, eliminating sugar, reducing fat intake, and starting an exercise program – and all of these factors are important. Yet one obvious feature most people and health-care professionals overlook is an assessment of how well the digestive system is functioning. Read More


Are You Looking for Answers to the Question ‘What Are Probiotics?’?

These days health fads and diet crazes are anything but few and far between. Every time you go online, open a magazine, or turn on your television you are hearing about the latest trend that can make you healthier. Low fat! Low carb! High protein! Gluten free! Vegan! One of the latest things you may Read More


Can You Answer the Question What Are Probiotics?

Maintain the proper balance of probiotics. By now you have probably been inundated with advertising the benefits of taking daily probiotic supplements. Despite all of these commercials do you really think that you can answer the question “What are probiotics?” Many people are under the impression that they are some kind of miracle cure that Read More