How To: Get Healthy from the Inside Out

transfer tox

Health and Fitness starts on the inside, and shows on the outside! These 3 steps will help get you started on your path to health!

Do a Detoxtransfer tox

In celebration of Spring, we put our detox program Transfer-Tox™ on sale for buy 1 get 1 free. Start with this supplement. Doing a detox can help clear your mind and give you more energy. Read more about detoxing here: How To Start A Detox.

Stress Less

We all have stress. But to achieve optimal health, it is important to rejuvenate and recover from those bad effects of stress. Get outside, take a walk, or go to the gym! All will help clear the mind and make you feel balanced. If that is not enough, try Total-Recharge™. This formula is calming, clears the mind, and helps your body recover from the damaging effects of stress – naturally, with no side effects. Learn more about Total-Recharge™ here: Sick of Stress?

Digest and Absorb

Digest your food, absorb the nutrients – it’s that simple. Food cravings often arise because the body is looking to compensate for the nutrition it needs. It sends signals to your brain telling your body to eat until it becomes nourished. If your food isn’t digesting properly, you will not receive the nutrients your body needs, thus, more intense food cravings. Get a good quality digestive enzyme, and that should do the trick. And to get your intestines up to optimal health, throw in a daily probiotic. This one – two punch will get your digestive tract clean and your body healthy.

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