Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Pack 40 Billion Per Stick

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Incredible 40 Billion per stick pack. 

Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick packs an advanced, high quality probiotic.
ProbioticsNew stick packs offer 40 Billion CFU’s in just one sleeve.  
ProbioticsEat one stick pack a day or save 1/2 for tomorrow
ProbioticsNormal Candida yeast probiotic balance
ProbioticsSupports Natural Immune Defenses
ProbioticsSupports your microbiome
ProbioticsSupports Good Regularity and Bowel Function
ProbioticsSoothes effects of occasional heartburn
ProbioticsTravels better.  To go packs 30 in a box


probiotics plusPro-Biotics Plus® Stick Packs in convenient box of 30 Stick Packs.

Probiotics With 12 strains of friendly bacteria this highly active formula has years of technology behind it.

Probiotics Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 stick packs contains:

Probiotics 12 different strains of live friendly bacteria (Probiotics)

Probiotics FOS (prebiotic nutrient)

Probiotics Now improved with 40 Billion CFUs per stick (30 sticks in one box)

Probiotics Full days supply of pateneted Chelated Zinc in every sleeve

From the Author of "The Wonder of Probiotics"

Natural Fruit flavor with 40 billion CFU’s per stick pack!

The stick packs are easier to take powder form. Travels better.  To go packs are easy to take with you when you are on the go.

Put it in your favorite smoothie, juice, water, yogurt or just open and eat right from the package.  

You and your kids will love this new way of getting their daily probiotics.  

Probiotics Our 12 probiotic strains in Pro-Biotics Plus® To Go Stick Packs with Prebiotics and Zinc to help support digestion, maintain a healthy gut and GI tract for digestive balance daily.probiotics

Probiotics Pro-Biotics Plus® To Go Stick Packs  contains the highest quality, live stable  probiotics formulated to target your body's unique needs; the perfect way to support an optimal digestive balance.

Probiotics Pro-Biotics Plus®  To Go stick Pack is formulated to survive the harsh conditions in the GI Tract to support the colonization of flora in the gut with no refrigeration needed.

Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 can help in restoring the balance of intestinal micro flora that is so important to a healthy immune system and overall good health.

Without good bacteria, our bodies are unable to digest food properly and our intestines become overrun with toxins and waste, which restrict the absorption of nutrients. Unfortunately every time we drink chlorinated water, coffee and alcohol, eat fatty foods, get stressed or become overly tired, we unknowingly kill the good bacteria in our bodies. Even the foods we eat to keep healthy, like meat and milk contain antibiotics, further reduce the levels of good bacteria. For most Americans this means that everyday we negatively impact our bodies' ability to stay healthy.

Pro-Biotics are linked to long life... For centuries natives of the Balkan islands have enjoyed extraordinary long and healthy lives. It was eventually determined that their good fortune was, in part, due to the fact that they ingest large quantities of lactobacilli (good bacteria).

Pro-Biotics Plus ® is a collective effort to maximize our natural immune defenses!


Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System ® (L.E.A.D.S. ®) insures assimilation at a cellular level. This particular combination of enzyme and mineral cofactors helps to activate each individual ingrediant for maximum particle digestion and complete nutrient distribution throughout the body. It increases the formula's bioavailability.

Nature Always Provides A Solution! 

Pro-Biotics Plus® combines some of nature's most effective immune supporters into one easy to consume powder.  

It rivals other products by combining the strongest immune supporting properties found in nature into one complete formula that is further enhanced by our unique cellular absorption system for maximum protection.

With this combination of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other healthy nutrients you can super charge your immune system while supporting good intestinal health. 

Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Packs are safe and contain only the highest quality ingredients with the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure purity and efficacy. This is a formula you can trust. You'll begin to support your immune system immediately.

Product Fact Sheet

Probiotics If you would like a signed book  "THE WONDER OF PROBIOTICS" order from this web site and you will get a personally signed copy.

Product Fact Sheet                 Vegerarian Approved                       

Our stick packs do not contain any, chemicals, gluten, eggs, preservatives, corn, artificial coloring or flavoring. Our facility that manufactures all of our formulas is certified and is in full compliance with GMP Requirements for Dietary Supplements.  All NWC Naturals® products are Made and bottled in a USA facility.  

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More Information

How to handle and store Pro-Biotics Plus® Capsules and stick packs. 

All ProBiotics will benefit from proper storage to insure a long shelf life with full potency. Nothing in these formulas actually goes stale or bad with time. The potency will go down depending on how it is stored.  We only use fully stabilized versions of the probiotics and we formulate so it is ok to store at room  temperature. When Pro-Biotics Plus® is stored in the refrigerator you can add 6 months to the life of the product. When you store Pro-Biotics Plus® in the freezer you can add one full year to the life of the product.  

Why do some probiotics need to be refrigerated and not others? 
Probiotics are live cultures and are generally unstable at temperatures over 75 degrees. HOWEVER, the temperature inside the body is well over 75 degrees, not to mention that the probiotics would have to pass through hostile stomach acid and bile to get to the intestine. So what is the answer? The answer is to buy a probiotic supplement that contains stabilized strains of bacteria. The fact is, a probiotic that requires refrigeration is a red flag that it is not stable and will die on impact within the body. Make sure you read the label of any probiotics to be sure that the probiotics are stabilized. Also be sure that your probiotic contains prebiotics such as FOS. this is food for the good guy bacteria and helps insure colonization. Ours do not need to be refrigerated, but i do like the Belly-Ease in the refrigerator it keeps the tasting good and they stay hard. 

Make a wise choice and check the labels.

Not all probiotics are alike. Many cheap probiotics are unstable and lose their beneficial properties in the stomach before the probiotics can reach the intestine. The intestine is where the probiotics need to implant in order to seed your intestinal tract with healthy flora.

Don't take any probiotic if you can not find out what strain of bacteria are in them. Many manufacturers of both yogurt and supplements claim that this information is "commercially sensitive". Why should consumers buy and take something if they don't know if it contains the particular strain or the CFU's they want ?



Our Ingredients:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus  - Acidophilus is the most effective pro-biotic strain. Called the "sticker strain," Acidophilus has the ability to actually cling to the intestinal wall without harming it. In fact, it is best known for its ability to move un-disrupted through the stomach and into the intestines where it eats away at the bad bacteria. It is known for reducing the occurrence of constipation and diarrhea, increasing nutrient uptake (especially calcium).  

B. lactis -Both old names B. animalis and B. lactis are still used on product labels, as this species is frequently used as a probiotic. 

L. Reuteri - Although L. reuteri occurs naturally in humans, it is not found in all individuals. Therefore, dietary supplementation is needed to introduce and maintain high levels of it in some people. Oral intake of L. reuteri has been shown to effectively colonize the intestine of healthy people; colonization begins rapidly within days of ingestion, although the levels in the body drop within several months after intake is stopped. 

B. infantis - Normalizes inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and can crowd out some bad strains of bacteria. According to the Journal of Applied Bacteriology, B. infantis is part of an important group of microorganisms, which are considered to exert a range of biological activities related to human health. This particular strain of probiotic has also been shown to produce compounds useful toward supporting intestinal health. 

B. longum - Aids in the cleansing and health of the colon and liver. It is also known for supporting normal breast health. 

L. gasseri - A number of clinical studies suggest that Lactobacillus gasseri may help reduce abdominal fat and support weight loss. Also known as the weight loss support probiotic. 

L. casei - Is known for its ability to support a healthy immune response that is helpful in supporting a healthy urinary tract. 

L. plantarum - Can be found in naturally fermented foods. In your body it is found in the large intestine where it helps to break down protein into usable nutrients, thus normalizing inflammation. 

L. rhamnosus - Is one of the more highly studied probiotic strains, primarily used in support of normal gastrointestinal health. It also aids the body in balancing the normal flora ecology and supports a healthy urinary tract. 

L. salivarius - Has been shown through research to produce a high amount of lactic acid, which can inhibit the growth of some bad bactiera. 

L. Lactis - Has been shown through research to produce a high amount of lactic acid, which is able to support a good gut and a normal intestinal flora.  

S. thermophilus - Is known for its effectiveness in free radical damage from aging, stress, chlorinated water and other chemicals. It also contains an antioxidant that helps support the immune system.  

Zinc- serves many functions, including acting as a constituent to at least 25 enzymes involved in digestion and metabolism. Research indicates that the health of the body’s natural killer cells may be dependent on zinc intake for normal growth and development. Zinc is very important for the support and function of the thymus gland and thymus hormones, as well as cellular immunity. 

Prebiotics - Inulin FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) – is one of the best-known prebiotics. FOS is a class of simple carbohydrates found naturally in certain plants, such as Jerusalem artichokes, onions and bananas. It is known to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and has been shown to stimulate growth of Bifidobacterium in the colon, facilitating good colonization. Supplementing with FOS can greatly increase metabolic activity in the colon and help relieve constipation and reduce the production of intestinal putrefactive substances. Healthy colon function is vital to a properly functioning immune system. 

Other: Reduced Cane Juice, Beet Root juice powder, Natural fruit flavors, Citric Acid, Silicon Dixide, Magnesium stearate, Stearic acid. 

This product is Gluten free,soy free, Corn Free, Chemical Free, No Artificial Colors or Preservatives.  All Ingredients and in full compliance with GMP Requirements for Dietary Supplements.   



Open a stick pack sleeve, pour all or half on your tongue and enjoy!   Or add it to a smoothie or fruit juice.  Also great in Yogurt.  Consume one or half a day. For smaller children ¼ to ½ a stick day.  

Probiotics implant much better when they travel with food. It gives them more opportunity to jump off the train, so to speak, and set up camp.

Also, all the other nutrients will absorb better when they go through the intestinal tract slower. For extended freshness you can refrigerate. 

For people who drink carbonated beverages, chlorinated water, coffee and alcohol, eat fatty foods, get stressed or become overly tired, we unknowingly kill the good bacteria in our bodies.

Even the foods we eat to keep healthy, like meat, poultry and milk, often contain antibiotics that further reduce the levels of good bacteria. For most Americans, this means every day we negatively influence our bodies' ability to stay healthy. So we need to take probiotics everyday.

Supplement Facts Box

Probiotics plus


1. What type of research is behind the Pro-Biotics Plus ® formula?

Pro-Biotics Plus ® stick packs combines the latest research and clinical studies into one powerful formula. The probiotics in this formula were selected after consulting with Dr. Khem Shahani from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Shahani is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on beneficial bacteria supplementation. 

2. I heard that you should not take immune support daily. Is this true?

This is not true for Pro-Biotics Plus® stick packs. Products that contain herbs such as Goldenseal and Echinacea should not be used over long periods of time because they are not supportive of the immune system but rather force it to react, potentially causing an imbalance and over activity. Pro-Biotics Plus ® contains none of these herbs and can safely be taken every day. 

3. Can I give Pro-Biotics Plus ® stick packs to my children?

Yes, this formula is safe for most people. For children less than 8 years of age use half the recommended adult dose. Check with a pediatrician before giving to a child 3 years or younger. 

4. Why should I take this formula with a meal?

Probiotics implant much better when they travel with food. It gives them more opportunity to jump off the train, so to speak, and set up camp. Also, all the other nutrients will absorb better when they go through the intestinal tract slower. 

5. What should I look for in a good probiotic supplement?

It is good to look for one that is high in CFU's and more than one or two strains. What is a CFU? CFU or Colony Forming Units - A unit of measurement used in microbiology that indicates the number of microorganisms present. Think of them like seeds that you are going to use to plant a garden. It is also a measure of how many bacteria (and yeast, because there are probiotic yeasts) are able to divide and form colonies. It might be easier, to think of colony forming units as being a single bacterium. If the probiotic bacteria are capable of dividing and forming colonies then that is proof that they are alive and healthy. 

6. How many cfu's do I need?

For general good health, most experts recommend between 6 to 40 billion CFU's each day. Take the dose suggested on the box.  Our capsules have 3.6 billion live pro-biotics per capsule of the top five immune support strains per capsules. Our stick packs  have 40 Billion CFUs per stick and Belly-Ease has 1 billion per tablet.    

7. Should I take a multi strain or single strain probiotic?

A multi strain duplicates the natural process of eating probiotics in your food where you take in a variety of lactic acid bacteria. So for general good health, a multi strain probiotic that has at least both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species is best.


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