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About NWC Naturals®

NWC Naturals Inc.

Since 1995, NWC Naturals® Inc.,  John R. Taylor Naturopath is currently the CEO and president of NWC Naturals® Inc. and is the author of the bestselling book “The Wonder of Probiotics” published by St Martin’s Press. He has been interviewed on syndicated radio shows and been quoted in national and international magazines.

Marguerite G. Taylor Naturopath serves as vice-president and CFO of NWC Naturals® Inc. As a licensed cosmetologist Marguerite’s expertise also brings a natural approach to beauty and personal care products offered at NWCnaturals.com.

Our Mission is to enhance the education and development of natural health professionals in the disciplines of nutritional counseling, to formulate cutting edge nutritional products while holding to the strict standards of true natural health while using no chemical vitamins made from oil byproducts, and to let our knowledge of natural health, probiotics and enzymes enhance the lives of people as well as their pets.

As the founders of NWC Naturals® Inc., John and Marguerite Taylor have conducted nutritional courses across the United States. These courses (once successfully completed) resulted in a natural health counselor certification by NWC Naturals® Inc. Additionally John and Marguerite Taylor continue to actively support a nationwide clientele providing counseling, products and protocols.

Both John and Marguerite Taylor have been taught by and collaborated with many of the nation’s leading authorities on nutrition, including but not limited to Dr. Joel Robbins M.D., D.C., N.D., renowned enzymologist Stan Bynum Ph.D., and Dr. Khem Shahani the world’s leading authority on pro-biotics.

Recognized as leaders in the field of natural health, nutrition and enzyme therapies John and Marguerite Taylor both have served on the Medical Advisory Board of major international nutritional supplement companies.

John R Taylor ND is a published author, writting the book "The Wonder of Probiotics"

As a dynamic leader in the field of nutritional microscopy John R. Taylor Naturopath has also served on the Advisory Board of I.N.M.A (International Nutritional Microscopists Association).

Degrees & Certifications held by John R. Taylor include: A Doctorate in Naturopathy

Certifications: "Natural Health Counselor" "Nutritional Microscopist" "Capillary Phlebotomy"
Recognized by the International Nutritional Microscopist Association as a certified instructor of Nutritional Microscopy.

Association Memberships:
John R Taylor is a member of the Natural Products Association

NWC Naturals Inc. is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council 

Degrees & Certifications held by Marguerite G. Taylor include: A Doctorate in Naturopathy

Certifications: "Natural Health Counselor", "Nutritional Microscopist", "Capillary Phlebotomy" “State of California licensed cosmetologist.”

Association Memberships:
Marguerite G. Taylor is a member of the Natural Products Association

To all our clients and customers - Thank you and Good Health to You!

John R. Taylor
Naturopath and CEO

NWC Naturals® Inc

Upland, CA 91786

(888) 207-3480

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