MicroWarriors Special Edition DVD with Pro-Biotics Plus® Capsules

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Probiotics1 MicroWarriors DVD
Probiotics2 Pro-Biotics Plus® capsules
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Get 3 products for one great price!

probiotics The DVD explains why we should be taking Probiotics on a dally bases

probiotics How it affects our health and Immune systems.

probioticsAlso it will teach us on the benefits of probiotics for pets.

Pro-Biotics Plus® Now With 3.6 Billion CFU's per capsule

probioticsSuppresses Candida Over-growth

probioticsPuts Back What Antibiotics Kill

probioticsBoosting Natural Immune Defenses

probioticsSupports Digestive Health

Pro-Biotics® Plus  is an advanced, high quality probiotic plus 5  natural immune support to help you get healthy and maintain  overall wellness.

Check out our new web site " New release of Microwarriors, The Power of Probiotics; Special Edition; with Leonard Nimoy as the narrator.

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