Why you should be eating raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts

Did you know a diet of raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, and nuts will provide nearly all of the vitamins and nutrients that are needed for the body to function properly? (The exception is Vitamin B12 which is found mainly in meat sources.) A diet high in vegetables will also meet or exceed the recommended Read More


The Dieting and Depression Connection

Does dieting make you feel depressed?To some, that may seem like a comical question. But the truth is if you feel that way, you are not alone. Several studies have suggested that restrictive diets and some medications for lowering cholesterol may contribute to depression. New research on the important roles of essential fatty acids may Read More


Whole-Food vs. Chemical Supplements

Why do we only make all-natural whole food products? Research has proven time and time again that vitamins from all-natural whole food sources are easier for your body to absorb, safe to use, and more effective than laboratory created synthetic or crystalline vitamins. All-natural whole-foods are alive, vibrant, have all the nutritional co-factors and phytonutrients found Read More


Some New “Super Food” Claims. Should You Get Into the Hype?

There are literally hundreds of companies selling thousands of products that all make amazing claims as to what they can do to improve your health. Many of these products are so-called “Super Foods” and claim to be able to do everything from help you lose weight to curing various forms of cancer. The reality is a Read More


Are We Getting Enough Vitamins In Our Food?

The reality is that if you want to maintain your health today, you should be eating as many organic fruits and vegetables as you can find and taking the right vitamin and mineral supplements. Not only will this help to improve the overall way in which your body functions,  but this will also increase your energy Read More