How to create a pet-friendly emergency plan

Every family should have an emergency plan in place. With the change of the seasons, we are reminded to reset and are motivated to organize our homes in preparation for winter. Now is a great time to create an emergency plan for your family, and it is always a good idea to include your pets in your plans! Today we are sharing a few simple tips on how to create a pet-friendly emergency plan.

Have your pets properly identified

First, get your pet a collar and attach a custom tag with your phone number. Then, visit your local veterinarian’s office and ask about getting your pet micro-chipped. If your pet gets lost in an emergency, this ensures he or she has the best chance of making it back to you safely.

Create an evacuation plan

Designate a place outside of the home where you can meet up with family members. If possible, create an evacuation plan that includes taking your pets with you.

Make a disaster kit

Be sure to include items for your pet in your emergency kit. Good items to keep in your pet’s kit include a few days’ worth of food, bottled water, extra medication, copies of veterinary records, poop bags, cat litter and pan, sturdy leashes and collars, first aid kit and a list of pet-friendly hotels. We also recommend keeping extra pet supplements on hand to help keep your pet’s immune system strong if they have ti be away from home. Shop online here.

Keep others in the know

It can be helpful to have updated stickers on your front door stating how many pets are in the home. Should it become necessary for emergency personnel to come inside, they will be prepared to search for and rescue your pets.

Being prepared takes the stress out of having to think about an emergency situation last minute. No one likes to think an emergency will happen in their area but having these strategies in place will help ensure that you and your pets are prepared and able to enjoy all the wonderful activities that spring has to offer. Stay safe!