Can I take probiotics with antibiotics?

probiotics and antibiotics

Sometimes it becomes necessary to take antibiotics despite your best efforts to heal your body naturally. Still, taking antibiotics can come with negative side affects such as constipation, candida, or yeast infections. One of the most common questions we get asked is “Can I take probiotics if I am on antibiotics?” The simple answer is YES. You can and should take probiotics while you are on any antibiotic regimen. This will help to restore your gut to its normal health and vitality while replenishing healthy flora.

Of course, antibiotics are so powerful that they kill off ALL bacteria in the body, including good bacteria, so it is important to take probiotics at least 2 hours away from antibiotics.

What probiotics should I take if I am on antibiotics?

Pro-Biotics Plus stick packs is our most powerful probiotic supplement to date. It contains 40 billion CFUs of 12 strains per stick making it perfect for daily or crisis supplementation. Learn more.

How many probiotics should I take on antibiotics?

Typically 1 stick pack a day is perfect. Split 1 stick pack into 2 servings.

How to take probiotics after taking antibiotics

After you finish your antibiotic regimen it is important to remain on probiotics to replenish your body’s good bacteria. Continue supplementing with probiotics as outlined above. You may choose to remain on this regimen or switch to 1/2 a stick pack per day.