Belly-Ease™: our newest digestive enzyme with probiotics

We are pleased to present Belly-Ease™ (formerly Ultra-Enzyme Support® Plus™), the NWC Naturals® digestive enzyme probiotic chewable tablet.

What Changed?

We added 4 more digestive enzymes and 10 more probiotic species to make the product a more complete digestive aid that is perfect for adults and children.

Enzymes for Gluten Sensitivities

Belly-Ease™ contains 2 new digestive enzymes: Exopeptidase and Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV for gluten sensitivities.

It seems reasonable that if supplemental DPP IV and DCP 1 were ingested in conjunction with a gluten containing food, the protein could be efficiently broken down prior to the entrance into the small intestine. DPP IV should not be considered as an option in lieu of a gluten-free diet because its usefulness is limited to mild intolerance, and as an adjunct to help avoid repercussions from inadvertent exposure to gluten.

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