“MicroWarriors” Special Edition DVD available now. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy!

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New release of Microwarriors, The Power of Probiotics; Special Edition; With Leonard Nimoy as the narrator.
ProbioticsWith special features
ProbioticsProbiotics for pets
ProbioticsLearn why pets need probiotics too
ProbioticsThis was Leonard Nimoy's last project "Live Long and Prosper"
ProbioticsNWC Naturals' offers this limited edition. when they are gone there gone.


Shipping Now!

Narrated by Leonard Nimoy

Hosted by Leonard Nemoy

The DVD is done and shipping now!
This is the last work of Leonard Nimoy LLAP

You can get your copy now! This is a limited edition. Order  your copy at NWCNaturals.com now!

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The DVD explains why we should be taking Probiotics on a dally bases. How it affects our health and Immune systems. Also it will teach us on the benefits of probiotics for pets. All pets should be on probiotics to help support a strong immune system and a healthy flora balance.

Many pets are having skin conditions, inflammation, their immune system is suppressed showing frequent bacterial infections, loose stools, fatigue, lethargy, bad breath and tear stains,. These can be some of the symptoms of a low immune system.

There are many causes, poor diet, poor digestion, which makes nutrients not bioavailable to the body, over use of antibiotics, no probiotic back-up, stress, food with antibiotics, drinking tap water, vaccines/medicines, travel, flea preparations and sugar intake.

Our pets have delicate immune systems. The extent of the damage to their systems depends on the nature of the stress experienced by the animal. All of these subjects will be covered on the Probiotics for pets; bonus features on the DVD.

In this groundbreaking film, Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics, you’ll be taken “inside the world” of these beneficial bacteria.

You’ll learn everything about probiotics, from their discovery in the early 20th century to how they’re tested and produced—plus the latest scientific research from some of the top probiotic experts in the world.

You’ll find the answers to many of your questions on probiotics in this landmark documentary. Microwarriors is the most comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date film ever produced on probiotics and their contribution to overall health and well-being.


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