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How Our Immune System Fights Cancer!


Our Marvelous Immune System And the Death of a Cancer Cell

Cancer cells can be destroyed by our own immune system. This image (Image A) is a scanning electron microscope photograph of a cancer cell being destroyed by cancer killing T-Cells of our immune system.

Image A

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This (image B) is a picture of a cancer cell being attacked by the immune system killer T-Cells. The scanning electron microscope shows killer t-cells attacking the cancer cell. Notice the tentacles of the cancer cell. If you can get your immune system strong enough to attack the cancer, you can see what happens to the cancer in the top picture. 

Notice how the cancer is completely flattened and totally destroyed. Mission complete for this one horrible invading cell. During the killing process, granules in a T-Cell fuse with the cell membrane and release units of the protein PERFORIN. These combine to form pores in the target cell membrane. Thereafter fluid and salts enter so that the target cell eventually bursts.

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