The Fitness Puzzle

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The Fitness Puzzle

ProbioticsMaking the Pieces Fit

leafThis refreshing read is bound to give you a new way of thinking about health and fitness.

leafIt dares to challenge conventional wisdom and does so truthfully and clearly.

leafYou are likely to be surprised, even amazed, by many of the facts about exercise and nutrition it reveals.

leafWhen you finish this easy, well-illustrated read, you will be ready, even eager to set out on a new course of action that can change your life for the better.

leaf... and you will understand why Bill Ross has been able to change the outlook, performance and fitness of world class athletes and thousands of people like us.

The Fitness Puzzle is an eye-opening book that explodes some commonly held beliefs about exercise and nutrition, and is helping people recapture their fitness. Since 1988, Bill Ross’ often surprising, sometimes controversial beliefs and practices have, through his Phoenix-based Major League Conditioning Centers, freed thousands from the drudgery of long, tough workouts – while raising their fitness levels. Now, these proven values are raising eyebrows among those discovering the wisdom of his ways through the pages of his well-illustrated, easy-to-read book.

About the Author

Bill Ross graduated from Vanderbilt University, is a former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Kansas City Royals, and is a certified personal trainer with 25 years in the fitness industry.

Customer Success Stories

"... your stretching and conditioning programs were extremely beneficial in my success." –George Brett, Baseball Hall of Famer, Kansas City Royals

"I lost 15 pounds of fat and doubled my strength in only six weeks" –Tiwi Nicks, school teacher/mother

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