Why is my hair so dry?

The health of your hair is determined by the health of the body. The hair is not dead, but a living portion of the body. The key then to both healthy hair and a healthy scalp is cleansing the body along with some common sense on hair and scalp care principles.

The cause of unhealthy hair

Oily hair, dry brittle hair, split ends, dandruff and other hair and scalp problems are outward manifestations of inward toxicity of the body and harmful hair care practices including:

• Poor Diet
• Toxic Body
• Over Washing the Hair
• Harsh and Medicated Shampoos
• Special Hair Treatments, Perms, bleaches, dyes, etc
• The Use of Hot irons and Blow dryers

Imagine applying any or all of these applications to the bare skin, at least once or twice daily. The hair is just as alive as the skin, it just doesn’t have the nerve endings to tell us of the harm that is being done.

So take care of your hair and think twice about what are you putting on it and how hot that flat iron is.

Products we recommend for healthy hair and scalp:

Ultra-Pure MSM™ Capsules

Oxy-pH Boost™

Belly-Ease™ Chewable Enzymes with Probiotics

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