What Are Probiotics?

Can You Tell Me What Probiotics Are?

Most of us heard about probiotics through commercials on the television or seen the on the web, but can you really answer the question “What are probiotics?” What you will find is that they are not some kind of miracle cure or some new amazing new diet supplement that is guaranteed to help you lose all of those unwanted pounds.  Probiotics are a dietary supplement that is designed to restore the bacteria that belongs in your digestive system.

The fact is that your body must have a very carefully balanced quantity of bacteria in you intestines to help with the proper digestion of the food you eat so that it gets the proper level of nutrition. There are a number of reasons why your level of bacteria can become overly low, such as taking too many antibiotics. So to answer the question “What are probiotics?” they are the supplements from Natural Wellness Centers of America Inc. ™  that you should be taking to ensure that you maintain the proper balance of these bacteria.