Why you need digestive enzymes

Today’s typical diet of cooked, canned and convenience foods make it very important to take supplemental enzymes to relieve some of your body’s digestive stress. But what if you maintain a balanced diet of meat, fish, whole grains, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruits? Is it still necessary to supplement with enzymes?

Do you eat an all raw diet?

If you eat an all raw diet chances are you won’t need to supplement with digestive enzymes. The foods that you are eating already contain enzymes. For example: A raw vegetable (or other food) contains all of the enzymes necessary to digest it. When you cook your raw food (like sauteing broccoli) you cook out all of the enzymes necessary for digestion. But since digestion is absolutely necessary, your body will will steal enzymes from the immune system to finish the digestion process. This adds considerable stress on your body. Even worse, many people do not have the ability to produce enzymes (someone who is “lactose intolerant” cannot produce the enzyme “lactase”) so instead of digesting the food and absorbing the nutrients from it your body eliminates the food as quickly as possible, causing potential diarrhea, gas, and bloating. The inability to digest food can also cause heartburn. indigestion and even nausea.

Taking a supplemental enzyme can help take stress off not only your digestive organs, but also your immune system.

You need digestive enzymes if you:

  • Eat cooked food
  • Have many food allergies
  • Are lactose intolerant
  • Have gluten sensitivities
  • Have low energy levels
  • Experience diarrhea, constipation, or gas
  • Feel heartburn after eating
  • Have frequent indigestion and bloating after eating
  • Have frequent bacterial infections
  • Have candida
  • Have a low immune system

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