The benefits of napping

If the body grows tired during the daylight hours it is needing rest. We would do best to listen and take a short 5 to 30-minute nap.

To receive the benefit it is not necessary to actually sleep during this time, just relax and rest.

It has been stated that a half hour nap in the daylight is worth one whole hour of sleep in the night. In fact the time out for the nap makes one mentally and physically so much more alert and efficient, that the time out is more than compensated.

Others, especially those who have difficulty falling asleep at night, are afraid that if they nap during the day they will not be able to get to sleep at night. In most cases, just the converse is true, for it is an extremely toxic, exhausted, or emotionally/mentally tired person who suffers from insomnia. The daytime nap helps to compensate for this.

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