Odors & allergens gone in minutes

Whether it’s the dog’s bed or the cat box location, odors in the home can be a problem. Not to mention allergens from cat dander and pet hair can bother some people. You can scrub the floor, but how do you scrub the air? The answer is Lightning Air. This air purifier produces negative ions that clears the air of dust and allergen particles. Then the O3 generator neutralizes the orders. On sale now includes an optional free HEPA filter and free shipping anywhere in the USA.

Why try the LightningAir?

Keeping your home or office clean and healthy is important for you and your family. LightningAir Plus is designed to clean a home or office of air pollutants, mold and mildew. You will find a refreshing and clean feeling after purifying and sanitizing the air with the LightningAir air purifier.

Just like waterfalls and ocean waves, the LightningAir generates negative ions that clear the air of dust and other particles. And, like a thunderstorm, it produces O3 to sanitize and remove pollutants without the use of fragrance, keeping the air fresh and clean.

Where to buy the LightningAir

You can order online or give us a call at (888) 207-3480 or (949) 600-6515.

More Information

Watch a short video here