Natural Ways To Treat Hormone Imbalance

hormone imbalanceHealthy men and women the world over suffer from the effects of hormonal imbalance. Symptoms such as bloating, cramping, food cravings, hot flashes, fatigue, premenstrual distress, and mood swings are common among most. The body’s constant striving for balance can become exhausting. So what can you do to naturally achieve a healthy hormone balance?

1. Get Some Sleep

Studies have shown that sleep and hormones directly relate to one another. Being overly tired can cause mood swings, yet being hormonal can cause sleepless nights. (Here are some tips on how to win the battle against insomnia.)

exercise hormone support2. Get Up and Move

Exercising helps regulate hormone levels in many ways. We’ll focus on just two: 1)  When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins which decrease stress. 2)  During exercise your brain releases a natural chemical called serotonin, which improves your mood and decreases any feelings of depression.

3. Try a Natural Hormone Supplement

Ultra-Hormone Support® contains the most complete, and most potent combination of herbs and other natural ingredients proven to support the body’s healthy hormone balance. It helps with: fighting fatigue, lessening occasional bloating, curbing food cravings, and decreasing premenstrual distress. Safe and effective for men and women.

hormone creams4. Natural Bio-Identical Creams

Natural Bioidentical creams offer a safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy. They are recommended for women with hot flashes, menopause or pms, or men experiencing low testosterone levels. (Shop for natural hormone creams here.)