Is a Rooibos Shortage on the Horizon?

rooibos tea
rooibos tea
New seedlings ready for planting

Yesterday we received word that the African Rooibos crop yielded MUCH less this harvest than ever before! There is now a shortage of Rooibos as the crop has yielded far below expectations and therefore the price paid to farmers has increased significantly. The yield after the recently completed harvest in Africa was about 25% less than forecast.

The harvest had just been completed as of the end of April and the total yield was around 9,500 tons versus the expected 12,500 tons. This is primarily due to the cooler weather during last year’s growing period through December.

NWC Naturals® Rooibos Tea

rooibos tea
Bundles of fresh cut Rooibos

The good news is we are still able to obtain the product and will be able to meet your demand going forward, although we are forced to pay higher prices to do so.

For now, we are pleased to let all of you know that despite the Rooibos shortage and higher costs, NWC Naturals® will NOT be raising the price of our top quality Rooibos tea. During the past two years, we have kept any price increase to a minimum and in most cases have not increased prices at all.

We have learned however, that as the year goes on there may be even another increase that we may not be able to absorb! Should this happen, be it known that we will NEVER SACRIFICE QUALITY and will always deliver the very best Rooibos Tea available to you.

What is Rooibos Tea?

rooibos tea
Fermented and dried Rooibos

African SunriseRooibos Tea is a delicious caffeine free organic tea sourced all the way from Africa. It contains no oxalic acid, very low tannin content, and abundant amounts of antioxidants. Significant minerals include: Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, and Fluorine. Learn more here.

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