How To Detox

how to detoxThere are hundreds of detox plans and books on the market that claim to help you learn how to detox the liver, colon, kidneys and more. There are still other products that claim to help you shed those extra pounds faster than ever- by doing a detox! But do they work? And are they healthy for you?

An article on WebMD stated, “Beyonce made the maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper Master Cleanse formula (also known as the Lemonade Diet) famous when she dropped 20 pounds quickly for her role in Dreamgirls.  Knowles regained the weight soon thereafter and in interviews warned dieters away from the regimen.” The article continued by stating, “These fad diet detox plans are nothing more than a quick fix and not recommended for weight loss by registered dietitians.”

So say “no” to fad diet detox plans that require fasting, and say “yes” to an all-natural, whole-food detox supplement.

Choosing A Detox Supplement

We have already discussed in previous articles why it is so important to detox your liver and kidneys. In fact, to detoxify the liver without supporting the kidneys would actually be counterproductive! Your body needs more than Milk Thistle to kick those toxins to the curb! Why? Becuase Milk Thistle only works to detox the liver. More is needed.


That is why we went to work on a product that is complete. There was no other product out there on the market that detoxified the liver while supporting healthy kidney function, AND that would mobilize and detox heavy metals from the body. So we gave birth to a product that did just that.

Transfer-Tox™ is the most complete 3-In-One detox program. We added only the highest quality ingredients to make the formula truly special and unique.

Next Post: See a breakdown of each Ingredient in Transfer-Tox™ and find out what makes this product so special.