Fruit-infused water recipes

Give your water a delicious fruity boost! Try one of these delicious fruit-infused water recipes and stay hydrated all day long!

Start with a water bottle, mason jar, or large water jug. Fill it a quarter of the way with your favorite fruit combination, then add water. Store your fruit-water fusion in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy the next day! These fruit fusions are not only gorgeous but they are also packed with vitamins and skin-loving antioxidants.

Our favorite fruit/water combinations

Blueberry mint – whole blueberries and mint leaves
Lemon cherry – whole cherries with the stems removed and thin lemon slices
Blackberry kiwi – whole blackberries and skinless kiwi slices
Apple raspberry lime – whole raspberries with thin apple and lime slices

Probiotic water

Our Pro-Biotics Plus® formula comes in a powder stick pack! Pour 1 sleeve of Pro-Biotics Plus® stick packs into your water bottle to get your daily probiotic intake! Each sleeve contains an amazing 40 billion probiotic CFU’s and supports digestion, immune system, and bowel function.

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