About Us

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The NWC Naturals® Mission

Our Mission is to formulate cutting edge nutritional products while holding to the strict standards of true natural health, while using no chemical vitamins made from oil byproducts. We aim to enhance the education and development of natural health professionals in the disciplines of nutritional counseling, and to let our knowledge of natural health, probiotics, and enzymes enhance the lives of people as well as their pets.

Get To Know Our Founders

The founders of NWC Naturals Inc., John and Marguerite Taylor, both have a doctorate in Naturopathy and have conducted numerous nutritional courses across the United States. These courses, once successfully completed, result in a natural health counselor certification by NWC Naturals Inc. Additionally, John and Marguerite Taylor continue to actively support a nationwide clientele providing counseling, products and protocols.

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NWC Naturals™ provides a wide array of all natural nutritional supplements for the whole family.

Both John and Marguerite Taylor have been taught by and have collaborated with many of the nation’s leading authorities of nutrition. These include but are not limited to: Dr. Joel Robbins M.D., D.C., N.D.; renowned enzymologist Stan Bynum Ph.D.; and Dr. Khem Shahani, the world’s leading research authority on the role of Lactobacilli and gastrointestinal bacteria.

Recognized as leaders in the field of natural health, nutrition, and enzyme therapies, John and Marguerite Taylor have both served on the Medical Advisory Board of major international nutritional supplement companies. As a dynamic leader in the field of nutritional microscopy, John R. Taylor, Naturopath, has also served on the Advisory Board of I.N.M.A (International Nutritional Microscopists Association).