MSM Lotion Saves the Day

msm extra healing lotion

Today’s blog is quite different from the rest. This is a very personal story, but it shares the power of MSM Lotion and it’s health benefits. Here’s my story:

msm extra healing lotion

Two years ago, my husband took me on a fabulous vacation to Greece- where he proposed to me! We planned on getting married four months later, so as you can imagine our schedules became quite hectic! To my surprise, I started getting itchy bumps on my legs. These weren’t just any old bumps. They were extremely itchy, would come to a head, pop, then turn into a white scab, and when that would fall off I was left with a deep purple scar! What’s even worse is they spread. Starting at my knees, they spread all the way to my thighs and ankles.

I was to be married and flying off to my honeymoon in just a few months! These things had to go away! Did I pick up a virus in Greece? Is this from the stress of planning a wedding? How did this happen?

I first showed my legs to my sister. To my surprise, her legs too were covered in these red spots- and even worse than mine! So this couldn’t be stress, it wasn’t from Greece… my sister and I hadn’t been around each other in weeks! We did live in the same house however. Could it be our shower gel? Or maybe we were having a reaction to the laundry detergent? Who knew!

ultra pure msm lotion

We went to the doctor who said he didn’t think it was chicken pox, eczema or psoriasis. He wasn’t sure what it was, but prescribed a few different creams. Two weeks later, nothing changed, no progress at all. Then we tried some home remedies: applying apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Still, no progress after an additional 2 weeks. The itching was unbearable, the bumps were spreading, and my wedding was less than a month away.

In desperation, I went to NWC Naturals® looking for help. (Ironically just before I decided to apply for a job there!) Marguerite was there that day, and gave me a bottle of the Extra Healing MSM Lotion. She was sure the MSM and tea tree oil in the lotion coupled with some good old fashioned sunshine would do the trick.

In just ONE WEEK my sister and I saw a significant difference. About 90% of the red bumps were gone, and the purple scars now became white discolorations. After the third week, our legs were 100% back to normal. No bumps, no scars. Why couldn’t we have found this product sooner?! I will still say the NWC Naturals® Extra Healing Lotion saved my legs, and my honeymoon!

Two years later, and both of us continue to use the lotion every day on our face and bodies. My sister found that the MSM lotion also comes in a Vanilla scent, and that is her new favorite. But as for me, I stick with my trusty Extra Healing lotion.

I still thank this company for such a wonderful product, and urge anyone with a skin condition to try it! I hope you enjoy the before and after photos! Both were taken on a cell phone camera, no filter, no Photoshop.

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