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..........The NWC Naturals ®  Fleet of Plug In Vehicles

Solar Power

Combining a Photovoltaic Solar installation with Two Plug-in Electric Vehicles, NWC Naturals®

is striving to be a green company!

Its important to try to reduce your carbon footprint

A 48 Panel Solar system powers the whole house and also charges both plug-in cars.

This solar system makes enough power to run the entire house and charges both plug in electric cars.

We light the house with LED lights instead of conventional incandescent light bulbs, which lowers electric consumption 10 times. Instead of burning 60 watts, the LEDs only use 6 watts.

We also installed an on demand tankless water heater to further cut down on wasted energy.

The Nissan Leaf is a zero emmission 100% electric Plug-In:

Solar array

These Solar Panels Offer Quiet,
Clean and Reliable Power

Solar power plant

The sun falling on your roof
can fill all your power needs!

Green Solar Power



100% plug in electric vehicle   Pruis Plug in

Let's Plug-in America

Prius Plug in   Prius Plug in Green Solar Power