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Total-Biotics® for Pets 228 Gram - Probiotic supplement for pets

Product Review (submitted on December 6, 2016):

About 4 years ago our 14 year old German Shepard could hardly walk due to arthritis and hip dysplasia. Our Beagle was about 9 years old and she was really slowing down too. We also have a dachshund of about 5 years.
We asked John if he had anything at his store ( that might help our German Shepard feel better. John suggested 2 products:
John recommended his Krill oil, Probiotic and Enzyme powders.
After about 2 months our German Shepard was going on walks again and our Beagle was behaving like a puppy. We were preparing to say bye to our Shepard before this. She lived happily for almost 2 more years. We now have a new dog our Beagle and our Daschound. We walk our dogs 2 or 3 miles daily and the Beagle who is almost 12 years old is charging like a puppy and the dogs are so healthy.
We know John's products are helping our pups because we stopped using the product for a few months and then restarted. We really noticed the difference.
Highly recommend!