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Low carb diet  

Low carb diets have always produced measurable fat loss and better general health. But eliminating carbohydrates and sugars from your diet, while a healthy option, is difficult and can be uncomfortable. When cutting out bad carbs and sugars we can be plagued with foggy brain, low energy along with uncomfortable hunger. If you are successful in eliminating sugars and bad carbs from your diet your body will produce ketones that your muscles and brain can burn as fuel and that ignites the fat burning. Then you can burn the fat instead of the carbs and sugars. NWC Naturals now offers a way to produce measurable ketones in your body making fat loss more efficient and comfortable. A simple strip type urine test (that you can buy at most drug stores) will verify you are producing ketones within one hour of consuming HMB.

Exogenous (from outside the body) ketone supplements may provide a multitude of benefits, ranging from athletic performance enhancement, more efficient weight loss, cognitive improvement, anti-inflammatory properties, and more. By taking two to four grams of HMB twice a day you will produce measurable ketones within one hour. The benefits of ketones in your blood stream are as follows.


Leaf bullet Suppress your appetite making it easier to limit calorie intake
Leaf bullet Allow you to comfortably limit carbs and sugars
Leaf bullet Allows your brain to burn ketones as fuel to keep mentally sharp
Leaf bullet Allowing muscles to burn ketones keeping your energy up while not eating carbs and sugar
Leaf bullet HMB helps you maintain your muscle mass while losing the fat
Leaf bullet Keeping that extra muscle contributes to turning your body into a fat burning engine


Normally your brain runs on glucose, but it can also draw on an alternative fuel known as ketones. Keeping your brain supplied with ketones can help support cognitive health, improving focus, concentration, and memory. Essentially, exogenous ketone supplements like HMB provides users with an instant supply of ketones to utilize, even if you're not necessarily in a state of ketosis prior to ingestion (such as when eating a higher-carb diet).

Note: Raspberry ketone had become an increasingly popular ingredient used in fat-loss and general health supplements. However, despite its name, it has no relation to the ketones generated by consuming HMB. Ignore information and products related to raspberry ketones, they have nothing to do with exogenous ketones and beta hydroxybutyrate that is in the HMB product.

How to consume HMB

In the jar of HMB there is a one-gram scoop. It's easy to measure two to four level scoops to make up a drink. Add the HMB to fresh cool water and then add some flavored stevia water drops. They come in four flavors. Raspberry Lemonade, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Kiwi and Peach Mango. Drink this slowly over 15-20 minutes. You can also add the HMB to any sugar free flavored water. HMB is a natural diuretic so make sure to drink enough water throughout the day and use some Himalayan pink salt on your food to help balance electrolytes.

What to eat

Eat Low Carb  

While following a low carb diet of your choice, eat full fat protein, like beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs and lamb. Any carbs you consume should come from green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, spinach, mixed greens and salad, cauliflower, kale, green yellow and red peppers (Yea!! Fajitas, just avoid the tortillas) avocados, cucumbers, celery and olives. Lightly stir fry veggies in virgin coconut oil.

Avoid all sugars, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice or starchy vegetables. Keep in mind if you do eat limited amounts of these foods the HMB will still produce ketones in your system and lower your cravings for these high carb foods. Remember we are trying to burn the fat and not give our bodies the quick easy sugar fix. All bad refined carbohydrates will digest into glucose (sugar) eventually, so they are best avoided.