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Other Formulas

Other Health ProductsNWC Naturals®  Offers OHS Formulas. Try some of our all natural supplements and top quality vitamins, lotions and creams. Best Quality Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes and Milk Thistle.

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  1. Forskolin Extract

    Forskolin Extract 60 count

    Dr recommended Forskolin dietary supplements
    ProbioticsPromote the breakdown of stored fats
    ProbioticsSupports the cardiovascular system
    ProbioticsForskolin Extract is a vegetarian product
    ProbioticsSafe and used for burning fat and reducing cellulite

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    Special Price $25.50

  2. Himalayan Crystal Salt™

    Himalayan Crystal Salt™ 1000gm fine

    The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™
    ProbioticsThis fine culinary salt has no additives
    ProbioticsNo aluminum
    ProbioticsNo anti-caking agents
    ProbioticsMined deep in the Himalayan Mountains

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    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price $29.99

  3. NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg

    NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg

    Glutathione Precursor that Maintains Cellular Health Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $18.99

  4. Opti-T™

    Opti-T New name same formula

    Opti-T is what men and women need for healthy Testosterone Levels
    ProbioticsEnlarged Prostate in men 
    ProbioticsMemory Loss
    ProbioticsCirculatory Problems
    ProbioticsFrequent Urination
    ProbioticsCancer Prevention
    ProbioticsLoss of Sexual Desire

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    Regular Price: $25.99

    Special Price $24.99

  5. Chelated Iron

    Chelated Iron

    Chelated Iron 100% Albion Ferrochel
    ProbioticsLow Iron, Anemia
    ProbioticsIncrease Fat Metabolism
    ProbioticsExcessive Menstruation
    ProbioticsBlood Disorders
    ProbioticsPoor Circulation
    ProbioticsExcessive Exercise

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    Regular Price: $26.99

    Special Price $23.99

5 Item(s)

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