What to feed your dog after exercise

All dogs need some amount of exercise to maintain a healthy weight and overall well-being. However, each time your dog gets exercise they are susceptible to exercise-induced inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). What can you do to ensure your pet gets the proper post-workout nutrients to support muscle soreness and repair? Astaxanthin for […]

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Super Zoo 2013 Highlights

Super Zoo is one of the nation’s largest pet trade shows, attracting some 12,000 pet retailers to Las Vegas, Nevada each year. There is much to see at Super Zoo, with around 900 companies exhibiting products including pet food, treats, household cleaners, and pet accessories to name a few. We were so glad to be […]

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Pet Health Issues Index

Learn how to support your pet’s health issues naturally and effectively with our handy “Pet Issues” Index. Just click on a topic you want to learn more about, and we’ll do the rest! All of these links will forward you to our main pet site If there are any issues you would like more […]