Supplements for Stress Management

total recharge for stress Stress and the demands of life can seem unending. Despite the fact that being stressed out isn’t fun, stress can also have harmful negative effects on your body. Crucial nutrients are depleted in the presence of stress which can lead to stomach ulcers, headaches, migraines, fatigue and an inability to concentrate. Studies have also shown that stress has been linked to virtually every type of life-threatening disease including cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Can you avoid stress all together? No. But you can replenish the body’s lost stores of nutrients, and protect it from the damaging effects of stress. How?

total recharge for stressYou can manage stress a number of ways, from the foods you eat, to your weekly exercise routine, to simply “getting away from it all.” But today we’ll focus on the supplement side of things. What supplements should you be taking to reduce the effects of stress, and help you manage your stress properly?

1. Glutamine

We suggest Glutamine in the form of Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine (MGG). Glutamine is required for rebuilding and repairing muscle that breaks down during times of stress, illness, injury or disease. It also provides fuel for immune cells, nourishes the gastro-intestinal tract, and helps clear the body of toxins.

2. Creatine

Creatine provides cellular fuel and plays a vital role in energy production by recycling ATP. ATP is what cells use for energy. When ATP is depleted, the cell no longer has energy to perform its functions.

3. Potassium

Often when we get stressed, our blood pressure skyrockets! Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and heart function. Research shows that increasing your potassium intake can lower your blood pressure.

4. EPA and DHA

tri krill for stressIn a recent mental stress study, 43 college students were split into two groups, one given a placebo, the other given a daily dose of 1400 mg of EPA/DHA. The study reports, “The stress reactivity testing was performed at baseline and 21 days later and consisted of measuring cardiovascular measures (including blood pressures, heart rates ) upon subjecting the test subjects to a psychological stress task after a pre-rest interval followed by a recovery period.” The results? “The mean arterial pressure reactivity in response to stress was significantly reduced following supplementation with EPA/DHA but not in the placebo (control) group.”

Two products to lower your stress:

total recharge Tri-KrillTotal-Recharge contains the only stabilized form of glutamine in the world, as well as Creatine, Chromium Chelavite™ and Potassium.

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