How to shop for a probiotic-rich yogurt

Yogurt can be found at nearly any grocery store. Whether you regularly eat dairy or not, you will be able to find yogurt made from cultured milk, almond, or coconut.

Make sure your yogurt contains “live cultures”

To ensure the yogurt you choose contains probiotics, check the label for “live cultures” (aka live probiotics).

Say “no” to added sugars

Many yogurts at your local grocery store can be packed with sugar! When shopping for a yogurt check the label to make sure there is no added sugar and no chemical “zero calorie” sweeteners.

Try dairy free

If you have trouble digesting dairy products opt for a dairy-free yogurt. You can find delicious coconut or almond milk yogurts at specialty grocery stores like Wholefoods, Mother’s Market, or Sprouts.

Yogurt parfait recipe

To add an extra probiotic punch to your yogurt, check out our probiotic yogurt parfait recipe. This tasty treat can be enjoyed as a light breakfast or as a healthy dessert. Spoiler alert: We add 1 Pro-Biotics Plus® stick pack to your parfait for an additional 40 billion probiotic CFUs!