New & improved Total-Nutrition Program™

The New & Improved Total-Nutrition Program™ is in stock and shipping now! The Total-Nutrition Program™ is the most complete encapsulated 100% natural whole food multi-vitamin multi-mineral program in the world! What have we improved? Now with B Vitamins With Orgen-B’s™ organic B Vitamins, guava, holy basil, and lemon extracts. Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 along […]


Summer snacks for you and your dog

Summer beach days, backyard barbeques, and trips to the lake call for yummy snacks that refresh and energize. You’ll love these simple summer snacks that can be eaten alone, or shared with a friend! Coconut, organic and unsweetened Coconut is the perfect sprinkle for your dog’s food and great for making treats. Give coconut chips […]

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What qualifies as real food?

Our bodies are designed to operate on a certain types of fuel. This type of fuel adds health and life to our body. It will not take away from your body but add and meet all the nutritional requirements we need. Real foods in every way are life sustaining, health maintaining and have nothing in […]


How to maintain a nutrient-dense diet

Maintaining a healthy nutrient-dense diet is something we all need to strive for. However, many need to first change the way they think about food. It is fuel for our bodies and we can find much enjoyment in putting good things into our body. What do our bodies need to grow and heal? Real foods. […]